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At Token Trolley we aim to provide both the best, as well as the most affordable e-commerce solution for everyone . With Token Trolley , you can sell for cheaper whether you are selling a brand-new item in the Token Trolley Mall or a secondhand item in our secondhand marketplace.

Regular Users - It is free to create a user account with Token Trolley . With this user account, you can buy products and bid on auctions for free. You can also list in the secondhand marketplace for free, with no listing or success fees. That's right! It's free to sell your stuff on Token Trolley.. Payments and transfer of goods for secondhand listings must be arranged between the buyer and the seller. Payments for items sold in the secondhand marketplace are conducted outside of the Token Trolley website.

Stores - If you want to list in the Token Trolley Mall instead of the secondhand marketplace, you have to open an Token Trolley store. The Token Trolley Mall is a marketplace exclusive to brand-new items. All products must be shipped from within New Zealand, Australia, Estonia and San Francisco. This ensures that buyers who purchase from the Token Trolley Mall will receive a high standard of service from local sellers and their order will arrive quickly. Token Trolley store accounts come with a range of additional features including a customisable storefront and a powerful inventory and order management system. Stores are also able to list secondhand items in the secondhand marketplace if they choose to. Store accounts do not have a listing limit or any high volume listing fees.

Fees for stores are $2/month plus a 0.1% success fee.

Token Trolley is currently offering stores a 'No sales, no fees' free trial. Stores do not have to pay any monthly or success fees until they have made more than $100 in revenue through Token Trolley . Payment for products is handled by the Token Trolley payment system. This is powered by Stripe who charge a 2.9% + NZ$0.30 fee per transaction. Payments are cleared straight away, then enter Stripe's 4 day holding period after which funds can be withdrawn into a designated bank account. There is no fee for payouts (withdrawing money from your Token Trolley account to your bank account) of $25 or more, however, there is a small fee of $0.25 for payouts less than $25.00. This is because Stripe charge a transaction fee for each Payout. Token Trolley is happy to cover this cost, but a small withdrawal fee is in place to encourage stores to withdraw a little less often