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Our sleek trading platform empowers users to buy & sell in seconds, rather than minutes. Token Trolley (TT) has the ability to attract all business types to its native set of features geared towards traders on a global scale. From eBay traders and High Street shops to Traders selling that one item that you couldn’t even give away at your garage sale the TT marketplace benefits everyone! We bring together commerce and blockchain for a personalised global, borderless marketplace experience that accepts over 50 cryptocurrencies. We make getting products from suppliers to other suppliers and customers anywhere on the planet easy. That flexibility makes doing business faster, cheaper and much more secure

Mission Statement

Enabling cryptocurrencies to be mainstream globally via use of e-commerce and shopping experience.

Vision Statement

To build a trust proof ecosystem with zero central governance and freedom to trade openly


“Supported by a dedicated professional in-house group of talented staff.”


Token Trolley has the lowest listing prices for both merchants and consumers, We are using blockchain technology to enable us and merchants to make their business process more efficient. Token trolley is one of the first ecommerce stores in new Zealand to accept cryptocurrencies as a method of payment. We enable merchants to accept many payments in cryptocurrency.
Token Trolley will be a hybrid marketplace which will cross over between decentralised and centralised. Over 50 cryptocurrencies, Token Trolley envision to be the most secured marketplace available in the market. Token Trolley offer best customer experience and journey throughout the process.

Crypto Friendly

Token Trolley is one of the very few ecommerce sites which enables consumers to pay for crypto on the goods and services we list.

Opening Gates to Unbanked

At token trolley we are working towards opening on our website services to people who are unbank and by pushing the adoption of cryptocurrencies we are enabling unbank people to get access to these online services without having a bank account.

Transparent & Fair dealing system

Token trolley is developing a hybrid marketplace end to end solution that enable merchants to issue smart contracts to consumers and for consumers they can see the true and accurate ratings of the products rather than the inflated ratings. In near future we will also showcase consumers the journey of the product from product to delivery.